Spinal Manipulation

Commonly known as a Chiropractic Adjustment, spinal manipulation is when the doctor of Chiropractic specifically applies a very skillful over-pressure to one or multiple vertebrae of the spine, to induce proper motion and bio-mechanics.

Manipulation can also be performed on extremities as well, including the joints of the hands, feet, knees and elbows, shoulders and hips.Additionally, manipulation of a joint allows an instant increase in range of motion while allowing new blood to flow to the area, dispersing any waste build up that has occurred.


FC8B8741Instrument Assisted Technique

This technique allows the Doctor of Chiropractic to use different tools to break up any adhesions or scar tissue that may have accumulated within the muscle or fascia.





A form of Trigger Point Therapy, Nimmo is a world-renowned technique that can help break the vicious cycle of those trigger points and ultimately, pain. The Doctor of Chiropractic will search for these trigger points within the muscle and firmly apply pressure to them for 3-5 seconds for a total of 3 rounds.




FC8B8930Rock Tape

A type of kinesiology taping technique, Rock Tape is on top of the list. By applying the tape, it pulls all the structures underneath the skin, including muscles, fascia, and blood vessels, away from each other; allowing new blood flow to the area and flushing any waste product build up. It helps speed up recovery time as well as decreasing inflammation and pain.




fc8b9035Therapeutic Exercises

These exercises are given to the patient as a tool to increase recovery periods. Depending on the complaint or injury, the exercises are tailored to the patient’s need. The doctor will prescribe these exercises that can be easily done between chiropractic appointments.







Generally used for an issue involving a disc within the spinal column, Flexion/Distraction allows more space between the vertebrae and creates a vacuum effect, sucking any disc material that may be displaced, back to the appropriate position.